Thursday, September 24, 2009

A beginning

I came to Argentina almost two years ago. After graduating college with a liberal arts degree, I weighed my options and ultimately decided I wanted to spend time living outside of the states. What better a time to do this than now—I had no husband, no kids, no mortgage, no job—why not?

“Why Argentina?” is the question I am most frequently asked by both locals and foreigners here. I still don’t have a real answer. I shrug and say “the fernet” or “I closed my eyes and pointed to the map.” Whatever the reason, I found my way to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires found its way into me. Sometimes I wonder if I was somehow programmed to live here. All of my vices in the states—perpetual tardiness, late hours, procrastination, and lack of plans—are integrated as a part of the culture here. Things here are certainly not puppies and rainbows all the time. As with any adjustment, there are always ups and downs; however, I find myself generally enchanted with the city.

In my year and a half here I have learned many things about both the culture of Buenos Aires and the culture of the states. There’s nothing like that sudden “aha’ moment when you realize that a certain habit or way of living isn’t simply the way things ARE—just the way it is where you are from. I have also found that the learning and discovering never stops. I’ve decided to start documenting and sharing these observations and experiences. So this, my friends, is a little window into my world.

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