Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sushi on the Cheap

Argentina does many food items very well: beef, ice cream, empanadas, and milanesas are staples. However, the ex-pat with more exotic taste buds might have difficulty finding cuisine that falls outside the box of “Argentine food.” There are many restaurants that offer a variety of different food but many are expensive and watered down to satisfy sensitive Argie tastebuds.  Sushi, although available and easy to find, can cause some severe damage to the wallet.
For anyone looking to satisfy that sushi craving, you can buy sushi in full rolls at the grocery store in Chinatown for about half the price of sushi in restaurants. In addition to a variety of sushi and spring rolls, you can get many spices and more “exotic” ingredients in the grocery stores in Chinatown that are always absent in neighborhood supermarkets. The first and more “posh” grocery store is called Casa China. For fish, venture further into Chinatown to find a grocery store that has an entire back section filled with seafood.
The Barrio Chino