Saturday, May 1, 2010

The things that make my heart smile

The time has finally come for me to leave Argentina. Preparing for my trip back, I've made a list of the things that I love—the things that I will miss—about living in Argentina. 

·      Asados: First and foremost. Asados are not only a fantastic excuse to eat an inadvisable amount of delicious red meat and cow bits, but they are an opportunity for friends to gather and spend the day together.
·      All things sweet: dulce de leche, chocotorta, alfajores, panaderias in general....mmmm
·      Fernet
·      Dogs that don't need leashes and loyally follow their masters around or wait patiently outside shops
·      Greeting everyone with a kiss
·      The wait staff at Sarkis (and, of course, the comida)
·      Jacaranda trees

·      Long walks through the city
·      Dancing
·      Saying "hello" and "goodbye" to every person individually
·      Shopping on the subte (One day, I was making a mental “to do” list on my commute on the subte. As soon as I remembered that I had to pick up a sewing kit before going home, someone put one on my lap: amazing!)
·      Mate: As with many Argentine traditions and rituals, sharing mate is social in nature and can be oh-so addicting
·      Meriendas
·      The hours: I'm a pre-programmed night owl
·      Long dinners with lots of wine that turn into your night out
·      Talking to the fruit and vegetable guy to find out what's the freshest of the day, hearing about the butcher's latest concert, and generally having personal relationships w the people you get your food from

·      Empanadas
·      It's OK to show up late
·      Spending quality time with friends without binge drinking (or even drinking at all)
·      Your job is not your life or identity
·      Cafe cortados
·      Less materialism
·      Snack food: frutigran, marroc, 3D chips, Paso de los Toros Pomelo, sandwiches de miga, twistos
·      Free delivery...for EVERYTHING (pizza, ice cream, McDonalds, booze)
·      Patience and understanding for those learning Spanish
·      The parks, especially the Bosques de Palermo

·      The waiter will not bother you or try and rush you through your lunch or dinner
·      There's always a kiosko open somewhere...and they probably have it
·      Bold fashion choices
·      I got to be "exotic"....being a blondie (and a foreigner) in Argentina was a lot of fun
·      Embracing creative outlets (release your inner artist!!!)
·      Beautiful gene pool
·      It's a highly social city: There's always something going on, and someone to go to it with (cumple, asado, despedida, 2x1 mondays at freddo...always something on the agenda!)
·      Roof terraces with parillas
·      Interesting graffiti/art

·      Public transportation that goes everywhere (at pretty much anytime)
·      Ice cream
…and finally of course…
·      The people I've met here, Argies and extranjeros alike: YOU are the reason I fell head-over-heels for this crazy place